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Jars of nourishing goodness

Made with love and all-natural ingredients -- raw bird's nest, organic cane sugar and reverse osmosis water, our products are bottled using safe, quality-controlled heated seal process.

At Golden Bird's Nest, we believe that health is the greatest wealth. 

Embark on your 「golden」 moments of goodness with us, starting today!

" Look at that bird's nest, so concentrated! Perfect choice as a gift! "

~ Phoebe N.

" The best customer service. @goldenbirdnestau answers every questions I had and very fast response and delivery! "

~ Theresia

" Finally they are here in Melbourne! #birdnestrejuvenation "

~ Jorida

" Bought this as a gift for a friend. Thanks for being accommodating to my request. It was also packed beautifully. Will definitely put in an order for myself soon! "

~ Peggy L.

" Thanks for the super express delivery! Arrived just in time since I just had my last bottle yesterday! ❤ "

~ Regine